our services

MB Fund Administration provides a full range of custom services to meet the needs of each client. Our expertise, combined with innovative technology from eFront, saves our clients time and money. This combination simplifies investor communications, financial reporting, and compliance, eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive software installations and updates.

Bookkeeping Services


MB Fund Administration is specially equipped to manage the day-to-day books and records for all types of private capital funds. Our bookkeeping services include the following:

  • Record cash transactions from bank activity.
  • Reconcile bank accounts.
  • Record accrued/prepaid expenses, deferred income and other adjustments.
  • Maintain support schedules for accruals.
  • Record valuation adjustments.
  • Prepare trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Prepare checks and wire instructions.
  • Prepare and distribute tax documents as needed by the client.

Financial Reporting


MB Fund Administration provides expert support for all the reporting requirements of private capital funds. Our financial reporting services include the following:

  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements.
  • Audit assistance, and providing all possible information to auditors.
  • Maintain capital accounts for each partner.
  • Declare the Net Asset Value of the fund and each partner, as required.
  • Post financial statements and capital account statements to the Investor Library.

Portfolio Management Reporting


Our long history of managing and tracking portfolio companies saves time and reduces the operational burden. PMR services include the following:

  • Monitor fund movements, investments, and portfolio companies.
  • Maintain a database for each portfolio company held by each investment.
  • Manage a database of all information about each portfolio company, like its vintage, sector, industry, size of operation, etc.
  • Analyze the Risk and Returns, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Total Value to Paid In (TVPI), Residual Value to Paid In (RVPI), etc.

Administration & Compliance


MB’s understanding of the requirements surrounding fund administration can help reduce the ever present staffing burden, while containing costs and improving the overall quality. MB Fund Administration can:

  • Assist client’s tax team with federal and state income tax returns.
  • Implement new or review existing accounting, filing and record-keeping systems.
  • Prepare and maintain files for financial reporting, communication with partners, audits, and capital management.
  • Prepare for and assist with year-end audits, including preparation of audit schedules and responding to inquiries from auditors.
  • Review annual valuation documentation and procedures.
  • Assist the fund managers with partner communications.

INVESTOR Management


Our investor management services include the following:

  • Prepare allocation of capital call and distribution amounts among partners.
  • Prepare and distribute the notices to partners via the Investor Library.
  • Monitor receipts for capital calls and communicate outstanding amounts to the fund manager on a regular basis until all amounts are collected.

Shadow Accounting


MB Fund Administration tailors a specific shadow accounting program that fits an investment manager’s back office needs. Our shadow accounting services include:

  • Portfolio tracking and reconciliation
  • Calculation of fees, capital calls, and distributions
  • Financial reporting on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Validation of Partner’s Capital Accounts
  • Investor Services including subscription documentation
  • MB can develop and provide other shadow accounting services on a customized basis to meet whatever needs your fund may require



Other services offered by MB include:

  • Overnight processing of bank transactions for Fund Administrators and Private Equity firms.
  • Accounting services for management companies, firms with small operations and portfolio companies.
  • Invoice generation and mass data entry.
  • MB can develop and provide other products and services on a customized basis to meet whatever needs your fund may require.